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Monday, January 30, 2012

They kill good trees to put out bad newspapers

 "In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate".  

Today, I had an opportunity to have some discussions with my tuition student. Since she just got back from the Chinese New Year holiday, we discussed quite a number of things. After getting Ang Paw, she decided to buy a new phone. Actually, she felt quite ashamed because she was still using an old model hand phone. She asked me about the latest price for the touch screen hand phones. I told her that the price keeps decreasing due to the upcoming latest models.

So, do you know why the price keep decreasing? Do you feel weird we using about RM 70 to buy the cheapest hand phone? Where is the materials come from? 

We can answer it by using one word. HUMAN!

Human kill good trees to put out bad newspapers. That’s the human doing in our earths. They try to exploit all the thing that they think can make money and get benefit from it. All of it is related to nature. Before we have all the technology, we only depend on our nature. Air, water, ground all are clean. There is a lot of animal and plant species that still exist on that day. 

The big problem that happens right now is about the system about stuff or product around of us. The material system that describe our economy today is divided into five which is extraction, production, distribution, consumption and the lastly is disposal. 

In extraction, we exploit all the nature resource. Human are chop down the three, blow up the mountain, hunting the animals, mining and others. Human consume more natural resource than human need.  We are losing about 80% of original forest in earth. It’s about 2000 trees that are chopping down in one minute.

Then all the resource is move to the production system. What happen here human use energy, chemical and material to produce the product. For chemical that human use mostly are toxic. As long human use toxic to produce the product, we create the other toxic. Although some of the human did not realize about the toxic in the product, in reality the toxic inside the product affect our body in longer period. 

Then the product will enter the distribution system. Which is at this system the entire product will be distributed. At this system, human try to sell their entire thing as quickly as possible by decreasing the prices.  They externalized the cost. We did not pay the cost for product that we buy. The people that pay for this product is the people at the extraction system and at production system. The value comes from the natural resources from other country and the worker at the production system also at another country. 

Then the system continues to the consumption system. Here is the most critical among the system. At this system it more focus on the consumer. Nowadays, the product that been created are designed for the dump. It means they actually make stuff that is designed to be useless as quickly as possible. The stuff like plastic bags, coffee cups and others thing are some example of stuff that can be dump after been used. But there is some stuff that cannot break quickly. To overcome this, the people inside this system try to attract people to buy their item by show some model that wear or use the product, about fashion, the latest technology like hand phone and others. So the people that not need all of this thing feel to buy it. This process is continuely occurs. The consumers keep buying and dump their things. 

The last process is disposal. At here all the thing that been dump are sent to the landfill. Due to size and capacity problem at landfill, they try to reduce the waste by incenerate all the waste. The product from inceneration will be dump into the landfill. By inceneration it will reduce the space that consume by the waste. The other effect from inceneration is the toxin gas that been produce. The air become more pollute due to this process.

As long as human keep exploit the natural source, they will be the incurable cancer of the planet. From the system that been discussed, the best way is try to control their greedness. In our earth there is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed

So the thing that we should do right now is think and try to save our environment =)

P/S: cc to my best friend Jen Yong that said "i am not yet an english teacher, but i can read for you"...
I think there is a lot of grammatical error. Feel sorry to my english teacher =(

Reference: A video "story of stuff" 


Anonymous said...

I really like your post! It's really informative, and your thoughts are so meaningful! =)
I really think you have done a good job! Remember, practice makes perfect! =)

Penyelamat Dunia said...

Kita sebagai jiran tetangga digalakkan untuk saling ziarah menziarahi.. huhu..
Jom masuk blog saya. Ada post terbaru bertajuk Gambar Perang Betul Askar Amerika Dalam Ops Al-Fajr

Nurun Nur 9111 said...

salam ziarah...:)

bebelit lidah baca...hehe...

betulla tu,kalau kita bersyukur dgn apa yang ada,itu lebih baik...

tapi kadang2 rasa nak tu perlu...

apa2pun kena seimbang...:)

keep it up e good work!

ps:terkehel lidah menyebutnyer.tu pun tak tahula betul ke tidak...