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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fresh Baked Bread, Anyone? Gruesome Body Bakery

Assalamualaikum..... =)

Today Chef Az proudly brought to you all about my lovely bread. Hehe. I think you all also like this kind of bread. How about, you all eat tre bread that have the appearance like this……

Imagine running up to the bakery around the corner and coming across bread shaped like body parts. Sound yummy? Artist Kittiwat Unarrom creates just that; gruesome works of art out of bread.
Kittiwat Unarrom has a master's degree in fine arts and creates bruised and battered heads, feet and other internal organs at a bread shop in Thailand.

He started using his skills and made sculptures out of bread. This came naturally to him because his family runs a bakery. The bread is made out of dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate. He just adds his own touch to the finished product.

This makes me wonder how long the line wraps around the bakery in order to purchase this finely crafted delicious bread.
I would love to go over to my parent's house with one of these. Carefully setting the concealed bread on the table, I would wait until all of the food was served and innocently ask my mom if she could pass me the bread. Imagine her surprise when she lifts open the cover and comes face to face with one of these gory delights. Okay, so I'd never be invited over to dinner again, but I think the look on her face would be so worth it.
I think this could be an excellent idea for restaurants. They could use one of these heads as a bread bowl and serve spaghetti in it. It would kind of be like eating brains, don't you think?

If this is not strange enough for you, perhaps you can Feast Like A Cannibal at the Human Buffet instead.


Delicious right? Hahaa………….. I hope you all enjoy it. Instead become cannibal, how about eat this bread… huhu…. Do you know, the human meat, is very delicious. It is more delicious compare to chicken, mutton or other…… so, if  you want to know more about the cannibals, just click at link that I give before..

Actually Chef Az want share that thing also in this blog. But, that thing to much cruel compare to this..

Maybe after this, someone will complain, why Antara Cita & Cinta?

Chef Az : hahaha….Speechless

P/S : actually we all are cannibals… why not? That is because we want somebody around us going down… ( dalam bahasa melayunye, x suke tengok orang senang… nak je orang yang senang jatuh…. Macam-macam la kita buat nak menjatuhkan orang… kan? Biasalah.. manusia…. )


SyuQ said...

sungguh x ku sanggup nak makan roti sebegini lapo mcm mana sekalipon

Chef Az said...

sedap ni... hehehe....( kejam2 XD )